Terms, Policies and Conditions of Sales


 Dear Customer

As part of our improvements in the products we offer and the customer service we provide, we have decided to share again the terms and sales policies with which we have always worked. All in order to provide clarity and certainty in your purchases.

            Our business is to sell quality rustic furniture, for this our staff provides logistical assistance and support in the export and import services, however the responsibility of the cargo, its insurance and transit times are the responsibility of the transport and the client. Our company MUEBLES RUSTICOS DE LA SIERRA, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for losses, damages or partial or total theft of the merchandise. Therefore, we recommend that you take out the insurance that covers these incidents both in Mexico and in the United States.

We recommend that you ask your transport to share the appropriate routes for the transit of goods, as well as give you the facility to know at any time the GPS location of your merchandise.

Our company is not responsible for accidents, theft or damage to your merchandise that originate or derive from its transfer from our factory to your facilities. Therefore, the invoice issued by us will be required for payment by the client.

In our more than 20 years of experience manufacturing furniture and in the more than 7000 exported containers we have had less than 5 incidents, in all of them the clients have taken their responsibility. But it is never too much to insist that they purchase their merchandise insurance.

A specific letter will be sent shortly to be signed by the owner of the company accepting the terms and conditions.

Placement of an order assumes that these terms have been read, understood and accepted.

Thanks a lot.